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The Ultimate Guide To Preparing For Prom

Tuesday, October 23rd, 2018

For most highschoolers, Prom is one of the most important nights of the year. It takes diligent work to look incredible at prom night, however. Arrangements start a very long time ahead of time and booking arrangements can be vicious. At the point when the day of Prom at last arrives, every girl spends her morning settling designs, dancing to music and prepping herself for the big night.

If you’re a highschooler who is soon to attend their prom and you don’t know where to start with the preparing and planning, the information that we have mentioned below will definitely help you kick start the prepping.

Start Early

Finding the ideal dress is substantially more troublesome than it appears. You spend endless hours on scrutinizing the web in the middle of math class until the point when you at last say yes to the dress. And sometimes the dress you order might not fit exactly right so you might even have to do some altering after purchasing.

Even though finding the ultimate dress, booking a mobile hair stylist and getting your nails done before the day of prom might seem like a lot to deal with, starting and kicking off this process as soon as possible will give you more of an upper hand for sure.

Practice Your Look

Before you go off booking appointments with your mobile hair stylist Sunshine Coast and nail salon, you should definitely try your makeup look on a few times before the night whether you’re going in for a simple glowy look or a glam and very bold look. Because when it comes to the day of prom there is no time for missteps. You turn your music up to most extreme volume and start the process of getting ready. —just several hours away now and you can’t tell if this is excitement or stress.

Pack Some Staples

Preparing your body before prom is vital, yet keep in mind to arrange for what’s in your clutch or purse. Odds are, you’ll be utilizing a modest clutch or purse littler than your ordinary satchel, so it’s critical to organize what to keep and what to leave. Some of the most essential must-bring things that make the cut are things such as smudging paper, lip shine, bobby pins, self-clasping pins and mints/gum.Once the day has come, all you need to do is to relax and get yourself all dolled up so that you can get on your way, dance the night away and feel confident and powerful in how you look in your beautiful dress and luscious locks.

Say Goodbye to Your Acne!

Thursday, June 30th, 2016


70 to 90 percent of both women and men all around the globe are faced with the grave problem of acne that appears on their faces. It tends to affect your confidence while walking in public due to the red pimple likes scars and spots. Researchers have proven that the major reasons for acne could be due to the hormonal changes in one’s body, daily eating habits or stress. If you are a victim of this condition, here are some solutions that might be helpful in reducing or completely preventing acne from covering your face in red spots that hides the true beauty of your face.

Easy home-made remedies to treat your acne

In order to fight bacteria which cause acne, it is advisable to use the following types of oils; tea tree oil, Holy Basil oil and Sweet Basil oil. Another popular homemade treatment is a honey mask or face wash made out of bees’ honey that deeply cleanses the skin and treats the affected areas. Further, healing masks of yoghurt, cinnamon, honey and other essential oils can also be used in the process of finding solutions to permanently saying good bye to your acne.

Use of blue light therapy

This is an expensive method of getting rid of acne by the use of attacking the follicles that cause the bacteria. While some prefer to use the best liquid foundation available for temporary cover up of the pimples, most search for permanent treatments. These highly technological and modern methods such as blue light therapy and IPL treatments (Intense Pulsed Light) have clinically proven to be cost effective and long lasting with much positive customer feedback. Therefore, if you are searching for a permanent remedy, this is your best option.

Using an effective cleanser

Dermatologists often advise to use cleansers with the ability to kill bacteria that causes acne. Using your best liquid foundation to hide pimple marks may be possible, yet it is not effective nor will it act as a remedy but only as a temporary cover up. This method is even effective for adult sufferers of acne. Therefore, it is advisable that you contact your dermatologist and get an appropriate recommendation for an anti-bacterial cleanser.

You can go over at Chi Chi Cosmetics website to purchase cosmetics that can enhance your skin and products to improve your look. 

Do not stress

Acne is a normal condition that almost everyone has to face. Hence, it is not a grave problem to cry over. However, unnecessary levels of stress tend to increase the growth of acne. If you are an individual with a hectic daily schedule, devoting fifteen minutes off your day to meditate and find peace and manage stress will be highly beneficial in managing this condition.

Therefore, by taking the above solutions into account, you will be able to say good bye to those red spots that appear on your face quicker than expected.

How To Look Gorgeous For Your College Party?

Thursday, November 5th, 2015


College party is on the rocks and you are dying to be the Diva. Well, we know that you are too beautiful with your natural look. Still some of the tips are here for you to make you more gorgeous. Have a look before you get ready for the party and give us your valuable feedback. Here we go with our tips.

Before we start our tips, we can say that you can go to a kerastase salon. Yes, you are reading it right. You must go for this appointment. This will help in making your style suitable to your appearance. The digitized process is too fruitful for you to determine the perfect one. 

In fact, the professionals of any kerastase salon in Sydney are so trained that you will be wondered to look at their skill. You will get your hair style and will also be enriched with essential hair care tips by visiting this salon.

Now some of the style tips for you to follow:

1. Make your scarf proper style statement: The vibrant colored scarves are the striking ones that can add a pop up to your style. The most important factor is that any of your outfits will go well with them. Red, pink, orange, tangy vermillion, lemon yellow, royal blue, maroon etc. – any of these colors will be perfect one for you.

• Why do we prefer scarf? Here is the reason. Covering your hair with scarf not only helps in enhancing your style, it works well as a safeguard from the dirt, pollution and sunrays. You will get rid of the problem of dry hair, dead looking locks, splitting, and the evergreen enemy named, ‘dandruff’. If you are worried about your curly or straight hairstyle, scarf will be trick to hide it and still rock the party, especially without any effort. Visit this link for further information regarding bridal hair and makeup.

2. Choose the outfit: Which dress do you like the most? Bring it out first. Do you want to go with it this time too? Many times, you have already put it on in various occasions. So this time, let’s try something experimental. No need to go for shopping or spending your cash. Take the year old white shirt, a blue faded jeans (Capri or hot pants, whatever you prefer), and a leather jacket. Wear it with some funky jewelry and wristbands. Have a ponytail or simply keep it opened on your neck and you may like to make it straight. Pick a sling bag to complement your look.

3. Shoes will give the final touch: High pump heels, simple wedges or kitten heels – make your own choice. Be comfortable along with creating a signature style.

Now you are ready to go. Feel good and smile.


Three Hair Integration Methods

Tuesday, October 27th, 2015

There are various reasons why people feel like they need a change in their outlook. Some cut their hair while others color it. At times, when it takes too long to grow back, you have the option of attaching extension. There is synthetic and natural mane that you can attach to your original hair through various methods. Here are some of the procedures currently in place to fix external hair.

Clipping in/on

This is the most versatile method for fixing Remy hair extensions. This method does not present any effect or disadvantage such as traction alopecia, which you face when using special glue to fix the hairpieces. As the name suggests, there are clips that are sewn onto the strips of hair, which has to be clipped onto the hair on the scalp. It starts right at the nape of the neck and has to be strategically placed to provide the look that the client wants. Once these strips are clipped on, the clips will not be visible. Many people use this procedure for special occasions, as these wefts have to be removed before sleeping. Despite the difficulty in removing and clipping every day, people tend to use it daily as well.

Bonding and sealing

Bonding involves the use of specialized glue to position the Remy hair extensions into one’s natural hair. There are two types of bonding known as soft and hard bonding. Soft bonding uses glue made from acrylic or latex that gives the client a comfortable edge. Hard bonding uses substances that incorporate super glue. This ensures that the extensions are kept in place for a longer time periods although the rigidity may lead to a lack of comfort. These glues are usually made of special substances that do not damage the natural hair. However, care must be taken in removing the strips, as it requires professional care. It is commonly used for up to 3 or 4 weeks.


If you want the most authentic looking attachments, this is the method to choose. Although it is time consuming, it uses a machine like a glue gun to fix the synthetic strands to the natural hair. There are variations of fusion. Another option is to use the artificial strand with a keratin based glue, which is melted under heat to stick to the natural hair. This allows for regular shampooing and washing of the hair although it is known to cause scalp irritation and loss at times. This method can make sure that the extensions last for over 2 months.