Facials For Better Skin Care


Facial Prahran is one of the best ways to love your skin. It is the right way to exfoliate the skin and clean it to the core. It hydrates the skin and nourishes it. You can find a clear and younger looking skin with each session of facial. This kind of spa treatment is most enjoyed after a massage. Facial depends on your skin type and condition. It also varies on the treatment you are actually looking from your facial session. Every skin problem has its own facial treatment. A proper consultation is required before letting the facial on your skin. Some facials can be harsh on your skin type and cause inflammation or other skin troubles. Let us read more about the facial procedure for a better and younger looking skin. Remember that apart from facial; the other necessary things are proper diet, sufficient water intake and other necessary supplements.

Proper cleansing of the skin

Use sponges, wipes or cotton pads to cleanse the face to the core. The pores should be cleaned properly and the dirt and dust has to be removed from each skin pore. Next is the process of exfoliation. This is an excellent way of skin cleansing without a doubt. Figure out your skin first. Find out whether it is normal, dry, sensitive or oily? Exfoliation can remove the blackheads, damaged skin cells and acnes from the skin. The vapor steam can be used to soften the blackheads or whiteheads present in your skin. Thus the extraction process is easier. Microdermabrasion facial is one of the best ways to remove the dead cells of the face. It rejuvenates the skin by bringing a new skin layer.

Face Massaging and Mask

Facial massages are best way to relax the skin and muscles of the face. It enriches the skin and provides proper nourishment to the skin. The skin is naturally hydrated during the massage. A hydrated skin is less affected by age marks or wrinkles. A facial mask is then applied to the skin depending on the skin type and its requirements. In case of a microdermabrasion facial, the mask supports removal of acne marks from the skin. It also nourishes the roots to abstain any further growth of acne.

The final routine

Application of a toner and moisturizer is must after every session of facial. Facial is usually recommended once in a month. However who skip such frequent sessions should go for the seasonal facials before each season change. Try the facial as per your choice and skin requirement. For mature skin you can try the anti-aging facial and photo facial for pimple marks removal. Take care of your skin at home after each session of facial for longer glow.