How to Slim Down Your Face?


If you’ve ever come across a photo of a celebrity without any make up on, you probably would’ve noticed the difference in their faces and most of them obtain this clear skinned, glowy and perfect looking face through the use of makeup. Most of the celebrities rely on makeup to make their faces look thinner; cover up acne and many other things.

Nobody wants a face with chubby cheeks and a double chin but everyone wants a more sculpted and thinned down face because to be honest, cheekbones and strong jaw lines are absolutely beautiful as they help to accentuate your facial features and give you that high fashion look everyone strives to achieve.

Listed down below are a few ways used to slim down ones face,

Shape your beautiful looks

One of the easiest ways to obtain a more sculpted and thinned down face is to carefully consider a style for your locks. There are many ways to trim and style your hair and a lot of options that would give you the desired look of a more sculpted face. The easiest way to find out a great style for your face is to visit your local salon and get their advice but if you want to really understand the way to defining your face shape through different styles then you could consider taking hair cutting courses so that this way, you will be able to save yourself the cost for a haircut and you will even be able to style others.

If you don’t have the time to take or look into hair cutting courses, you can always weigh your options by searching style that would suit you on the internet.

Important makeup tips

Some may think that the use of makeup is overrated and unachievable if you don’t have a make-up artist with you at all times but it is quite the opposite. The learning process of mastering the art of makeup will take up some practice but it is promised to bring you that beautifully chiseled and sculpted face that you so desire.

Highlighting and contouring plays big roles when slimming down your face with the use of makeup. Highlighting and contouring tend to accentuate the shadows on your face to give your face a defined and sculpted appearance.

Yoga exercises

There are many facial yoga exercises that people try out in order to achieve the desired high cheekbone and strong jaw line look.

One of the ways to accentuate your jaw line is to stick out your tongue as far as possible in a way that the tip of your tongue directs upwards and move your head back up until a straight line forms between the neck and the lower jaw.
There are many more exercises as such that can help you define your face.