Say Goodbye to Your Acne!


70 to 90 percent of both women and men all around the globe are faced with the grave problem of acne that appears on their faces. It tends to affect your confidence while walking in public due to the red pimple likes scars and spots. Researchers have proven that the major reasons for acne could be due to the hormonal changes in one’s body, daily eating habits or stress. If you are a victim of this condition, here are some solutions that might be helpful in reducing or completely preventing acne from covering your face in red spots that hides the true beauty of your face.

Easy home-made remedies to treat your acne

In order to fight bacteria which cause acne, it is advisable to use the following types of oils; tea tree oil, Holy Basil oil and Sweet Basil oil. Another popular homemade treatment is a honey mask or face wash made out of bees’ honey that deeply cleanses the skin and treats the affected areas. Further, healing masks of yoghurt, cinnamon, honey and other essential oils can also be used in the process of finding solutions to permanently saying good bye to your acne.

Use of blue light therapy

This is an expensive method of getting rid of acne by the use of attacking the follicles that cause the bacteria. While some prefer to use the best liquid foundation available for temporary cover up of the pimples, most search for permanent treatments. These highly technological and modern methods such as blue light therapy and IPL treatments (Intense Pulsed Light) have clinically proven to be cost effective and long lasting with much positive customer feedback. Therefore, if you are searching for a permanent remedy, this is your best option.

Using an effective cleanser

Dermatologists often advise to use cleansers with the ability to kill bacteria that causes acne. Using your best liquid foundation to hide pimple marks may be possible, yet it is not effective nor will it act as a remedy but only as a temporary cover up. This method is even effective for adult sufferers of acne. Therefore, it is advisable that you contact your dermatologist and get an appropriate recommendation for an anti-bacterial cleanser.

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Do not stress

Acne is a normal condition that almost everyone has to face. Hence, it is not a grave problem to cry over. However, unnecessary levels of stress tend to increase the growth of acne. If you are an individual with a hectic daily schedule, devoting fifteen minutes off your day to meditate and find peace and manage stress will be highly beneficial in managing this condition.

Therefore, by taking the above solutions into account, you will be able to say good bye to those red spots that appear on your face quicker than expected.