Three Hair Integration Methods

There are various reasons why people feel like they need a change in their outlook. Some cut their hair while others color it. At times, when it takes too long to grow back, you have the option of attaching extension. There is synthetic and natural mane that you can attach to your original hair through various methods. Here are some of the procedures currently in place to fix external hair.

Clipping in/on

This is the most versatile method for fixing Remy hair extensions. This method does not present any effect or disadvantage such as traction alopecia, which you face when using special glue to fix the hairpieces. As the name suggests, there are clips that are sewn onto the strips of hair, which has to be clipped onto the hair on the scalp. It starts right at the nape of the neck and has to be strategically placed to provide the look that the client wants. Once these strips are clipped on, the clips will not be visible. Many people use this procedure for special occasions, as these wefts have to be removed before sleeping. Despite the difficulty in removing and clipping every day, people tend to use it daily as well.

Bonding and sealing

Bonding involves the use of specialized glue to position the Remy hair extensions into one’s natural hair. There are two types of bonding known as soft and hard bonding. Soft bonding uses glue made from acrylic or latex that gives the client a comfortable edge. Hard bonding uses substances that incorporate super glue. This ensures that the extensions are kept in place for a longer time periods although the rigidity may lead to a lack of comfort. These glues are usually made of special substances that do not damage the natural hair. However, care must be taken in removing the strips, as it requires professional care. It is commonly used for up to 3 or 4 weeks.


If you want the most authentic looking attachments, this is the method to choose. Although it is time consuming, it uses a machine like a glue gun to fix the synthetic strands to the natural hair. There are variations of fusion. Another option is to use the artificial strand with a keratin based glue, which is melted under heat to stick to the natural hair. This allows for regular shampooing and washing of the hair although it is known to cause scalp irritation and loss at times. This method can make sure that the extensions last for over 2 months.